Building Naples For Over 40 Years


WHI has been improving homes and commercial buildings for the past 40 years. If you are interested in remodeling your home, please contact the team at WHI with your questions; we’re always happy to help. WHI utilizes a large network of designers, contractors, and specialists to make your dream home or office a reality. We are based in Naples and our contractors service all of Southwest Florida. Our specialties include:

Kitchen Remodeling

Once we remodel your kitchen, it’ll be fit for a chef!

If you are looking to design and remodel your kitchen, WHI has you covered. We can help with any size kitchen and our designers will make sure your new kitchen is just what you’ve always wanted.

Bathroom Remodeling

Update your bathroom with our remodeling service.

Regardless of budget, we will help you remodel your bathroom and bring it more style as well as increased functionality.


Condominium Remodeling

We specialize in Naples high rise remodeling projects.

Looking to update your condo? WHI specializes in high rise condominium remodeling across Southwest Florida. Our years of experience make WHI the best and most reliable choice for your condo remodel.


Whole Home Remodel

WHI has the expertise to completely update your home.

Ready to update your entire home? Perhaps even add another bedroom? WHI has you covered. Our designer, architect, and contractor network across Southwest Florida makes us best suited to help you update your entire home.


Words can’t express how pleased we are and how much we love our addition! We couldn’t be happier!

~Edwards Family




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